Become a resident

Students can enrol in a residency programme of the ECAWBM (Animal welfare sub-speciality), if they have a degree in Veterinary Medicine and have been qualified for one year at least. Each program starts with a one-year intern or residency training in an environment where they will be exposed to common animal welfare issues that arise during clinical and husbandry procedures. After completing the one year internship the residency programme can be achieved by either of the following two routes:

  • Standard Residency Programme: student enrols on a 3-year approved veterinary residency programme and an approved centre.
  • Alternative Residency Programme: This is a tailor-made individual programme including short training courses, periods of work experience and a relevant research project. An obvious type of person that would be eligible for this would be veterinary surgeons working on an animal welfare PhD programme. Student applies for approval of a three-year full-time (or equivalent part-time) individual training programme to the College. The residency must be completed in six years.

Both routes must be supervised by an existing Diplomate (Animal Welfare sub-speciality). Potential residents are encouraged to contact a Diplomate to discuss the options.

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