ECVBM/CA Re-Certification


What is recertification for ?

According to the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) rules :

  • To support advertising the Diplomats of various Colleges to the public as ‘European specialists of veterinary medicine’
  • To provide reassurance that supervisors of residents are active in their field and have demonstrated evidence of continuing professional development (CPD)


Who will evaluate who ?

Members and Associate Members of the College need to be evaluated every 5 years. A timeline with names of Diplomates and their year of recertification is available for download.

Each application will be evaluated by two members of the Recertification Committee (RCC).

Applicants are kindly invited to declare to the Chair of the Recertification Committee and the Secretary of the College Board any conflict of interest they may have with one or more members of the RCC.


Standard Procedure for Re-Certification

Diplomates will need to pay the re-certification fee (100€).

The re-certification process is performed according to a credit point system, stating that the Diplomate is active in the field of Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law for a minimum of 24 hours a week.

The points should be accumulated from the four categories listed below:

  • Section 1: Research & Clinical Activity
  • Section2: Continuing Education & Teaching
  • Section3: Conferences, Congress and Continuing Education Event Attendance
  • Section4: Involvement in College activities, other boards and committees

A grid has been edited to help the Diplomate to easily achieve the recertification process. This grid is available for download.


Minimal scores:

Continuing Professional Development requirements would be fulfilled by accumulating a minimum of 100 credit points over a period of 5 years.

The Diplomate is required to gain at least 10 points in any annual period.

Years in which no points are accumulated are not acceptable without permission of the ECAWBM Re-Certification Committee.

Incomplete applications will be returned:

Applications that are received having one or more fields of any of the four required main sections left empty, will be considered as incomplete application and will be returned to the candidate.

Importance of attendance to the annual College AGM:

It is not permissible to miss three consecutive AGMs.

How to submit ?

One digital copy (pdf file uploaded) of this form should be submitted to the Secretary of ECAWBM College Board and to the Chair of the AWSEL Re-Certification Committee according to the recertification schedule (download).

The form must be accompanied by:

  1. Copies of certificates of conference & congress attendance
  2. English summaries or abstracts or weblinks of all publications